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More than skin deep,

If you suddenly have a headache in Europe or the USA, your most likely response is to take a couple of painkillers. In Japan and elsewhere in...

Nothing could be finer…,

The value of the 635,000 tons of nonwovens manufactured by 37 nonwoven producers with 121 full lines in North Carolina in 2017 was $1.7 billion,...

Geotextiles from Marsden to Diggle,

Between 1795 and 1894, four parallel tunnels over three miles in length were cut through the millstone grit and strong shale of the Pennines between...

Roadblocks at the bottle banks,

Of the 10.2 million tons of nonwovens produced globally in 2015, around 2.3 million tons were based on polyester PET staple fibres and an estimated...

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