Medical: Infection Prevention

INDEX™23 - Medical: Infection Prevention
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Nonwovens are already used extensively in the healthcare industry, from absorbent pads to surgical gowns, and their usage is set to grow further still in future.

In an ageing population, reducing healthcare costs while maintaining a high quality of care has become a crucial challenge. The cost of medication and equipment has risen, as has the prevalence of chronic conditions. In addition, more and more people need treatment at home due to the increasing pressure on hospitals to discharge patients early and free up hospital beds.

Nonwovens can help us to resolve these issues in various ways. They deliver reliable protection against infections and diseases for health care staff and patients in surgery. They are also used in the post-surgical recovery of patients by preserving a sterile environment and reducing the risk of transmission. And superabsorbent nonwoven dressings – sometimes incorporating ‘smart’ additives to promote faster healing – are helping to increase the time between dressing changes and ensure more effective wound care. This helps to improve patients’ quality of life and limit costs, both in hospitals and at home.

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