Geotextiles & Civil Engineering

INDEX™23 - Geotextiles & Civil Engineering
Building the future

Nonwovens are providing cost-effective and efficient solutions to a number of challenges faced by the construction industry, such as ensuring sustainability and reducing carbon footprints. Their uses include thermal insulation, sound insulation and roofing or flooring underlays.

Geotextiles are speciality nonwovens in the civil engineering field. Light and easy to handle, yet extremely strong and tough, these infinitely ’engineerable’ materials are used for separation, reinforcement and as filters in the construction of Motorways, Airfields, Railways, Sports fields, Drainage trenches, Dams and dykes.

As the world’s population grows, infrastructural development is booming. Nonwovens are playing a role in reducing this sector’s carbon footprint, for example by helping to achieve:

• Longer-lasting roads
• Control of surface erosion
• Improved water conservation

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