INDEX™23 Programme

INDEX™23 - Network & ConnectA wrap up of the INDEX™23 Programme!

INDEX™ prepared a comprehensive and varied Programme for you to make the most of your event experience in these crucial times for the industry.
The Programme was designed for a maximized network experience and to help you stay ahead of business opportunities and new developments.

INDEX™23 included side events such as the Lab, seminars, tutorials, and the unmissable INDEX™ Awards rewarding INDEX™23 exhibitors or EDANA members for their excellence in the nonwovens industry.

Exhibitors had the opportunity to showcase their latest innovations through our successful Exhibitor Product Presentations.

The sector seminars explored vital innovation-based topics and central themes for exhibitors and visitors, including health, automotive, geotextiles, energy and sustainability.

Review these unique opportunities to connect below!

INDEX™23 Exhibitor Product Presentations         INDEX™23 Seminars      

INDEX™23 Lab          INDEX™23 Innovation Awards

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