Hygiene & Cleaning

INDEX™23 - Hygiene & Cleaning
Meeting demand through innovation

Nonwovens play a leading role in many areas of hygiene and cleaning, thanks to their high-performance qualities and their ability to satisfy the requirements of authorities, retailers and consumers.

Nonwovens are also helping to meet the rising demand for more discreet adult incontinence products, suitable for the differing needs of an ageing population. Features such as coloured or decorated products, more garment-like material and a more tailored fit, together with specific functions including bacterial barrier, absorbency, cushioning and durability, make nonwovens the material of choice in this field.

The demand for increased sustainability throughout the life-cycle of hygiene products continues to grow, particularly with regards to disposable wipes. Although products currently marketed as “green alternatives” account for a minor share of the market, environmental issues actually affect the whole supply chain, from raw material extraction and manufacturing to disposal. The entire industry is working towards providing sustainable solutions for the future, focusing on the cyclical economy or closed loop systems in which the raw materials can be recovered.

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