RETRO INDEX™20 (October 2021)

Sector Seminar - Smart Nonwovens

INDEX™23 Sector SeminarSpeakers from industry and R&D will examine some of the promising frontiers of nonwovens in high-performance applications, both now and in the future. The seminar will deal with subjects as diverse as bio-based electronics and mass customisation of nonwoven processes.

If you haven’t been able to attend this Seminar during the exhibition, you can watch its video recording below.

  Adrian Wilson
  Opportunities for production of nonwoven biobased electronics
  Hjalmar Granberg
  Adsorbent technology for high-performance nonwoven applications
  Ross Ward
  How to design nonwoven metamaterial
  Amit Rawal
  Engineered superabsorbent nonwovens for durable and reusable applications
  John Rose
  James Docherty
  Dry powder impregnation solutions
  Jerome Ville
  Innovation in technical nonwovens – Evolving USP
  Marc Jolly
  Questions & Answers discussions & Closing Words
  Adrian Wilson

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