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INDEX™23 is pleased to list below the current list of media and supporting partners

World Textile Information Network (WTiN)

World Textile Information Network (WTiN) is a UK based B2B information business delivering unmatched insight and analysis into the innovative processes and materials shaping the global textile and apparel manufacturing industry. The WTiN community of over 75,000 members from raw material manufacturers & OEMs to textile manufacturers & global brands value WTiN insights on innovation in materials and processes to make informed business decisions. WTiN products include, events, market research, digital marketing solutions and publications.

Editorial contact:  Madelaine Thomas
Phone:  +44 (0) 113 360 9917  
Advertising contact:  James Wilson
Phone:  +44 (0) 113 360 9877


Sustainable Nonwovens

Sustainable Nonwovens is a subscription-based magazine and website, which provides a unique, fresh insight into the world of the nonwovens with a special focus on technical innovation and industry best practice. It is written for a uniquely-integrated supply chain – from raw materials through to finished consumer and industrial products – and seeks to encourage shared information in the spirit of continuous improvement.
Readers, including leading consumer brands, nonwoven manufacturers, retailers and end-users, enjoy a printed magazine, which is published six times a year, along with unlimited access to all of our premium online content. This includes digitized issues of all our printed magazines, thousands of searchable archived news items, breaking news, specially commissioned in-depth features, along with our weekly e-news bulletin.
Contact:  Haydn Davis - Editor
Phone: +44(0)1977 708488 - Fax: +44(0)1924 897254


Nonwovens Industry

With 12 magazine editions, 3 special editions, 50 weekly email newsletters, 4 email show dailies, and over 2 million total online page views, Nonwovens Industry is the market's one-stop media resource for news, market data and comprehensive supplier information (roll goods, machinery, raw materials and services). Carefully curated opt in and subscriber lists lead to excellent buyer-seller communication across all channels and provide everyone with excellent content on an as-needed basis all year long.
Contact:  Matt Carey, Publisher
Phone: +1 201-880-2261 - Fax: +1 201-825-0553



Business Co-ordination House (BCH) is an authoritative and trustworthy access for companies in striking reciprocally beneficial alliances with the Indian Nonwoven, Technical Textile and Composite industries. It co-ordinates business activities and facilitates collaboration all across the globe and offers a set of customized services, through its advisory and consultancy, 365 day showroom/ Training Workshops/Seminars/Conferences/Market Research/ Publication TechTex India. As a gateway for Indian and overseas companies, BCH assists in Entry Strategy, tie-ups and alliances and also offers Global Sourcing solutions. While holding solid rapports worldwide with coveted organizations, BCH aspires to steer industry players in accomplishing the utmost yield by serving them in all their needs.

TechTex India, the quarterly BCH newsline, is a recognized source for the coverage of the Nonwoven, Technical Textile and Composite industry in India & overseas. With a focused circulation, it serves the entire value chain of this industry. Besides providing information for both emerging as well as developed markets, it provides a visibility platform to stakeholders of this industry. Good information is the foundation of any industry and with the advent of globalization, it has become a necessity to exchange information not only within continents but also within industries which are interlinked. Thus, this newsline offers an ‘all-inclusive’ editorial content which provides worthy information for all. TechTex India has a wide circulation base of 5000+ print copies and 35,000+ e-copies being circulated among the entire nonwoven & technical textile industry of India & overseas. The magazine also has an outreach to the visitors to the BCH website from where it can be easily downloaded.

Contact:  Samir Gupta; Managing Director
Phone: +91 11 23328383 - Fax: +91 11 23316008


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