Welcome to Geneva

Welcome to Geneva

make the most of your time in this fascinating city

About Geneva

The beautiful lakeside city of Geneva is truly international, multilingual and multicultural. Home to many NGOs and multi-national corporations, the city has a warm and welcoming attitude towards visitors and English is spoken by over 60% of the population.

Things to do in and around Geneva

If relaxing and wellness are more your kind of thing, why not spend a half-day or an evening unwinding and recharging at one of Switzerland’s world-class spas?

Discover the history of humanitarian action at the International Red Cross museum, featuring interactive experiences and thought-provoking exhibits.

Visit CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research), which has been making the headlines lately for its ground-breaking research into particle physics.

Enjoy mouth-watering cuisine from all over the world from at one of Geneva’s many restaurants. You might even like to try a traditional Swiss cheese fondue!

Take a hike (or a cable car) up the Salève. This 1,380m-high mountain is a paradise for nature lovers, walkers, mountain bikers and rock climbers alike. You could even try paragliding or hang gliding.

Admire Geneva’s 140m-high fountain, the ‘Jet d’Eau’, then take a stroll along the lake and enjoy stunning views of the snow-capped Alps. Why not see this iconic landmark from a different perspective by catching one of the small ‘mouette’ boats (included in your free Geneva Transport Card or bus ticket) which shuttle passengers from one side of the lake to the other?)

See the European Headquarters of the UN, housed in the impressive ‘Palais des Nations’ on the banks of Lake Geneva. Guided tours are available in various languages.

Spend a couple of hours wandering around Carouge. Just outside Geneva, this charming town was designed by Italian architects.

Visit the lively and picturesque Old Town, with its 850-year-old cathedral with a fascinating museum in the crypt, as well as many art galleries, bars and cafés. A short walk away, in the Jardin Anglais, is the stunning Horloge fleurie: an outdoor flower clock made up of over 6,000 colourful blooms. Or, a trip back in time at the 12-century Maison Tavel, the oldest house in Geneva.

Take the ‘Geneva Watch Tour’ and explore Switzerland’s world-famous watch-making industry.

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