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Sector seminar and events programme

An action-packed schedule of conferences, seminars, tutorials, workshops and lots of other special events is planned for INDEX™20. These will provide numerous opportunities to learn about the diverse qualities of nonwovens, cutting-edge technical innovations and product developments, to enhance your business network and to gain inspiration for your own business or studies.


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Exhibitor product presentations

The popular Exhibitor Product Presentations enable exhibitors to share their latest products and services with visitors. Free of charge and open to everyone, the presentations provide a unique insight into key new directions for nonwovens.

The Index Exhibitor Product Presentations provide the opportunity to be on top of the latest innovations in product design, materials and processes by listening to market leaders and new companies. The vast range of topics leaves everyone with insights about the growing world of nonwovens.
Helena Engqvist, Engqvist Consulting

INDEX™17 highlights

The wide-ranging programme of Exhibitor Product Presentations at INDEX™17 included:

  • Comfort, fit and value for future innovation (ExxonMobil)
  • Virtual Nonwoven Production Processes (Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics)
  • Next generation Diaper Recycling Technology – Why saving the environment is all about making money (Diaper Recycling Technology)
  • Amphibia - the new core concept (TWE group)


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The INDEX™ Innovation Lab

The Experience

Live the INDEX™ experience at the INDEX™ Innovation Lab. This special area is aimed at all visitors, from students to CEOs, and includes:

  • Exhibits demonstrating the remarkable properties of nonwovens across a range of applications
  • Poster presentations on current research into nonwovens
  • Seminars dedicated to nonwovens and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Seminars on what nonwovens can bring to the Medical, Automotive, Geotextile, Technical Textiles and Filtration sectors
  • Displays of the products and services of the nominees of the INDEX™20 Innovation Awards
  • Nonwoven tutorials
  • Testing machines for nonwovens

The goal of the Lab is to provide a dedicated space within INDEX™20 to showcase innovation and R&D, enable the discovery of nonwovens applications and enhance the understanding of their potential.

Just some of the activities taking place in the Lab:

Research Poster display
- the latest research on show for the whole user community!

A section within the INDEX™ Innovation Lab will be wholly dedicated to the display of research posters. It is a unique opportunity to examine some of the very latest research and innovative applications for nonwovens, as conducted by the some of the industry’s brightest brains.

These posters will showcase up-to-the-minute research projects, which commenced only in the previous academic year or are still on-going, from students of many associated disciplines, but all pertaining to nonwovens.

The researchers are all at least second-year undergraduates, or post-graduate students, undertaking a dissertation or research degree in a nonwovens or related field, some of whom will be on-site and happy to present their work to visitors and exhibitors alike.

For further information on submitting a poster proposal, please visit the EDANA website here

Demonstrations of experiments and testing equipment
- discover the incredible properties of nonwovens, live!

Designed to show some of the incredible properties of nonwovens, an area within the Lab will be dedicated to exhibiting experiments and testing equipment.

Aimed at those visitors perhaps unfamiliar with the innovative qualities of nonwovens, such as newcomers to the industry or students, the idea is to show how their diverse characteristics can be modified to suit a multitude of applications.

Different companies and institutes will be present to show the performance nonwovens and their equipment and to answer your questions. More about the full programme soon!

Nonwovens in daily life
- take a walk through the benefits of nonwovens!

It is true to say that today, although not always visible, nonwovens are a feature of almost every aspect of daily life and society.

To show the variety and diversity offered by these versatile materials, samples and examples will be exhibited in the Lab, showcasing how nonwovens are employed in a myriad of end-uses:

So take a stroll through the Lab to discover the different properties and benefits of nonwovens, and realise the enormous potential of these outstanding materials.

For further information please visit the EDANA website here

the lab

Seminar retrospectives 2017

INDEX™17 brought together more nonwovens professionals than ever before. Hear more about this unforgettable event from some of the exhibitors and visitors who were part of it.


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