INDEX™ Innovation Awards Go Live !

INDEX™ Innovation Awards Go Live !

The INDEX™ Innovation Awards are presented for
“Excellence in the nonwovens and related industries”

INDEX Awards  

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Initially due to be presented at the INDEX™20 exhibition in April, since postponed until the 7th – 10th September 2021, EDANA has decided to present these coveted industry Awards ‘Live’, in an on-line ceremony which will take place from 3 pm – 4pm on 6th October 2020.
The INDEX™20 Innovation Awards are open to all INDEX™20 exhibitors and EDANA members, for products commercially available by the 31st January 2020, and have been selected by a jury of experienced industry members. The INDEX™20 Innovation Awards are the highest accolade for the best examples of excellence in the industry, highlighting creativity and innovations from businesses of all sizes and roles within the business.

The Awards are comprised of 7 categories covering all fields of the nonwovens supply chain, with a maximum of 3 nominees selected per category. The winners will not be revealed until the on-line event on 6th October 2020. The live ceremony will feature short videos from the nominees in each category (see below)

Take part and help judge the ‘People’s Prize’

In addition, during the weeks leading up to the live event, observers and participants in the nonwovens industry will be able to view all the videos from the nominees posted on the indexnonwovens LinkedIn page as of Wednesday 9th September.
By watching the videos of their choice, visitors to the page will be able to participate in a special prize. The video which receives the most ‘Likes’ in total on the indexnonwovens page will be honoured with a special INDEX™20 ‘People’s Prize’, and voted the most liked industry innovation of this year.
All the Award winners’ and nominees’ submissions will subsequently be on display in the Nonwovens Innovation Lab, a new feature at the INDEX™20 exhibition, taking place at Palexpo in Geneva, from 7th-10th September 2021, aimed at showcasing how invention and sustainability drive the industry forward.

The 7 Awards categories and their nominees for each of category are as follows:

INDEX™20 Innovation Awards Nomenees

Nonwoven Roll Goods

Fa-Ma Jersey Company
Fa-Ma Jersey
Microfly ™ - nanocham AG+
Description »

Ultra microfiber in polyamide produced with patented technology that combines a shape of the profile with an AWF® (air web former) system that is cohesioned using mechanical and hydraulic multitechnologies.
Application of polyurethane nanoparticles directly to individual fibers to avoid the stiffening effect due to the gluing of the fibers.
In various grammages from 40 grams to 300 grams per square meter, it has unique properties of softness and softness together with a high chemical and mechanical resistance compared to nonwoven polyester microfibres. The product obtained has a high capillarity and absorbency due to the mechanical structure and high chemical resistance especially for environments with high pH.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Excellent coverage at low weights
  • Excellent air permeability
  • Optimal performance as a substrate
  • Overgrip effect
Application /End Use
Personal care, household, filtration, footwear
Jacob Holm Company
Jacob Holm
Sontara® Dual
Description »

Sontara® Dual is a unique, new 100% cellulosic wipe substrate made with proprietary Sontara® technology. The material combines a rough side with a soft side to achieve extraordinary cleaning results. The textured material easily traps and removes oily and sticky liquids, and is excellent for scrubbing away build-up contamination without damaging underlying surfaces the way abrasive pads do. The unique 3D aperture structure protects delicate surfaces from scratches and it’s gentle enough to use on skin. Sontara® Dual is food-safe for the restaurant industry and appeals to end-use consumers. Sontara® Dual is available in various colors and is free from any binders, chemicals or adhesives.

The combination of innovative technology and high performance attributes makes Sontara® Dual the only product of its kind in the marketplace.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • 100% plant based raw materials (biodegradable)
  • Unique 3D aperture structure protects delicate surfaces
  • Gentle for skin use
  • Free from any binders, chemicals or adhesives
Application /End Use
Make-up removal & exfoliating wipes
Sandler Company
Description »

With the improvement of suberabsorbent polymers (SAP) over recent decades the core construction has changed. This results in thinner diaper designs with advantages but also challenges to be solved.
While former ADL structures were designed for guidance and fast intake into the core only, nowadays additional functionalities like fluid distribution (wicking and spreading against gravity) and interim fluid storage capacity are necessary to make the entire construction work.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • New ADL concept with interim fluid storage capacity to hold free liquid designed for diaper core constructions with higher suberabsorbent polymer (SAP) content
  • This new platform can be individually adjusted as layer constructions with enhanced wicking properties against gravity
  • Additionally, this ADL concept can be adjusted regarding the drapeability. Partly made from renewable or recycled resources.
Application /End Use
ADL/Intake layer

Finished Products made from, or incorporating nonwovens

Callaly Company
Description »

The Tampliner ® is Callaly's first invention, and the first true redesign of the tampon in 80 years. It combines an organic cotton tampon with an organic cotton mini-liner that folds between the labia, providing double protection in a single convenient product. The two components are connected by a ‘virtual applicator’ made of an ultra-thin nonwoven breathable sheath that enables clean insertion without the need for a wasteful rigid plastic applicator. It also wraps the tampon on the way out, meaning the Tampliner ® is leak and mess-free from start to finish.
The Tampliner ® has been described as a “game changer” by Cosmopolitan magazine and was named one of the “Top 10 most forward-thinking designs created for women” by Dezeen, but our customer Lauren B said it best: “This product has changed my life!”

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Invented by a leading gynaecologist
  • Two-in-one period product, for increased convenience and less waste
  • Improved leakage protection
  • Mess-free insertion and removal
  • Hypoallergenic – made with soft organic and bio-compatible materials
Application /End Use
Hassan Tekstil Company
Hassan Tekstil
Heatable Geosynthetic Material
Description »

This geosynthetic nonwoven material contains carbon fibers and particles. With an application of 24 volts electricity (DC current) on the fabric results in fabric to heat up to 550C in just a few minutes. The heat of fabric can also reach up to 750C when 28 volts of energy is given. This fabric does not use electrical resistance for its heating properties, which creates an advantage in its transportation by being able to be rolled to occupy less space. The nonwoven geosynthetic fabric is also compatible with renewable energy sources. It can be heated with very low energy which is generated by solar panels and wind power.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Heatable nonwoven
  • Low energy consumption
  • Flexible and durable
Application /End Use
New nonwoven flexible geosynthetic material is developed by taking advantage of the thermal insulation, heat transfer and heat energy-forming properties of textile materials and polymers
Dupont De Nemours Company
Dupont De Nemours
Tychem® 2000 SFR
Description »

Tychem® 2000 SFR represents a new generation of secondary flame-resistant chemical garment technology, specially designed to meet dual hazard needs of a protective chemical suit against chemical splashes with secondary flame resistance. This unique combination of performance permits Tychem® 2000 SFR garments to be worn over primary flame resistant (FR) garments like Nomex® when chemical splash and flash fire hazards co-exist. The fabric used in Tychem® 2000 SFR garments is a unique technology. It doesn’t char when exposed to flames, but was designed to shrink away from flame - without burning.
We engineered Tychem® 2000 SFR garments to perform well in flame engulfment scenarios. Extensive ASTM F1930 (instrumented thermal manikin) testing was conducted during the development of Tychem® 2000 SFR garments to aid in garment design and component selection. The commercial Tychem® 2000 SFR garment demonstrates excellent performance when exposed to a fire engulfment. In fact, when tested side-by-side, Tychem® 2000 SFR garments yield a much lower predicted body burn level than competing garments.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Permeation protection against highly concentrated chemicals
  • Secondary flame resistance
  • No charring
Application /End Use
Chemical protective garment

Raw Materials or components

Beaulieu International Group Company
Beaulieu International Group
Description »

Realizing 100% recyclable sustainable needlepunched fabrics with this unique polyolefin staple fibre, UltraBond eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to consolidate nonwovens. The innovation opens up a new path to create 100% PP needlepunched fabrics which meet the same performance requirements while reducing the end-of-life environmental impact.
Huge production and resource savings are contributing to a decreased total cost of ownership. There is a much lower energy and water consumption during production compared to chemically bonded fabrics, and the rest value of the fabric at the end of life stage is greater.
The use of UltraBond fibers is opening up new functionalities which were not present in the market. UltraBond is increasing the stiffness of thermal consolidated nonwovens to the level of latex bonded nonwovens without affecting the porosity.
UltraBond can be applied in many different application fields. Today, UltraBond is applied to produce 100% recyclable event carpets. Other applications are open to development.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Needlepunched fabrics get sustainable
  • Innovation in thermal bonding
  • Improved total cost of ownership
  • Fully recyclable
Application /End Use
Event carpet, Contract Flooring, Geotextiles, Filtration…
Omya Company
Omyafiber® 800 (Calcium Carbonate)
Description »

Exploring new ways while using Calcium Carbonate in PP spunmelt  & dry-laid nonwovens.
Due to its high-purity and unique surface-treatment,  Omyafiber ® provides significant advantages in both, masterbatch compounding and nonwoven production.
Omyafiber ®  is neither skin irritant nor sensitizing and even food approved.
Omyafiber ®  is added to PP nonwoven extrusion in the form of a masterbatch.
Omya collaborated with STFI and CETI to ensure that industry requirements were met.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Cost savings
  • Natural cotton like haptics and softness of spunlace fabrics
  • Improved mechanical properties of high and low grammage fabrics
  • Higher whiteness
Application /End Use
Fibers & Nonwovens
Pelsan Company
Hassan Group (Pelsan Tekstil)
Biodegradable Breathable Film For theHygiene And Medical Market
Description »

Pelsan’s new product Biodegradable Breathable Film was made up of biodegradable compostable materials and mineral filler by mixing in special formulation and process conditions.
Our biodegradable film is also permeable for water vapour molecules, although it is very good  barrier against liquids. Biodegradable breathable film which is classified as “BREATHABLE” according to Hygiene Standards, takes part in the natural cycle “from nature to nature” and plays an important role for environmental sustainability. To produce polymeric film with biodegradable blends can help to solve environmental waste.

Main innovation / Characteristics

Biodegradable, compostable, breathable, mineral, film, blends, ternary, compound, extrusion, eco-friendly, disposable.

Application /End Use

Backsheet in Hygiene and Medical applications

Innovation in machinery

Campen Machinery Company
Campen Machinery
New patented airlaid beater forming technology
Description »

The unique CAMPEN beater forming head technology fills a gap in current web forming methods as it can efficiently process different types of fibre blends with a high fibre length. The technology is able to process natural and man-made fibres from 1.5 to 18 mm in fibre length such as bicomponent fibres, PP/PET/viscose fibre blends as well as recycling fibres from textiles, cardboard boxes, newspapers, wood pulp, natural fibres, glass, stone-based fibres and more. The patented forming head design and process can be integrated with wetlaid and other drylaid fibre forming technologies. Unlike any other known technology, the new CAMPEN technology can produce airlaid material for very different nonwoven products, such as wipes, hygiene products and absorber pads, but also cotton pads, fibre boards, packaging, insulation applications and more. At the same time, it consumes considerably less process air and energy than existing systems.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Fibre length: 1.5-18 mm (in some cases up to 30 mm)
  • Can process natural and man-made fibres, e.g. wood pulp, synthetic fibres, natural fibres (e.g. viscose, rayon, cotton), waste fibres (e.g. cardboard box waste), fibres based on plants (straw, hemp, coconut, tobacco)
  • Capacity: min. 250 kg/hr / 1000 mm working width
  • Less consumption of process air and energy than existing systems
Application /End Use
Sophisticated web forming processes for different final nonwoven products
Dienes Werke für Maschinenteile Company
Dienes Werke für Maschinentextile
Depth Control Senso Plus (Led)
Description »

Senso Plus is a depth adjustment tool that ensures the correct knife overlap thanks to sensor technology, a LED display and an integrated knife size identification.
Unlike knife holders with a scale ring for adjustment where it is crucial to know how large the diameter of the knife is, Senso Control's sensor automatically detects each individual knife diameter and reproduces the exact overlap depth.
The overlap depth is easily and conveniently checked by means of a user-friendly LED display. A clever innovation that ensures greater precision and safety, especially when changing knives. This timesaving application in combination with our sophisticated knife head adjustment, in knife holders such as DS and PSG, ensure optimum cutting-edge quality with nonwoven and high speeds.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • User-friendly depth adjustment for optimum knife overlap with LED display, sensor and integrated knife size identification
  • Reduced set-up costs
  • Ensures constant optimum cutting quality
  • Increased knife wear
Application /End Use
Easy depth adjustment for pneumatic shear cut knife holders
GDM Company
Expandable Welding Wheel
Description »

The innovative solution generates a side seam welding in baby and adult pant-type products. This technology enables to produce an extended number of sizes with the same unit.
Side seam bonding and performance are guaranteed for a wide range of raw materials. The unit is composed of welding stations mounted onto a wheel-like system allowing high speed operation and zero time size change.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Size change without mechanical and process resetting
  • The same wheel for all the sizes
  • Possibility to use a wide range of raw material types
Application /End Use

Side seam of baby and adult pant products

Most original marketing campaign

Berry Global Company
Berry Global
J-Cloth Biodegradable & Compostable
Description »

J-Cloth® Biodegradable and Compostable is produced with 100% natural biodegradable fibers from PEFC certified sources. It is the first and only tested and certified biodegradable and compostable wipe according to DIN EN 13432:2000-12.
To raise awareness of J-Cloth® Biodegradable and Compostable solutions among customers we planned a concurrent marketing campaign combining on and offline communications focused on a central message:
The truly sustainable wiping solution for the foodservice sector. Our aim was to educate the market as to what was available and get the product into the hands of as many key potential end users as possible, trying to maximize the push / pull potential of our distribution chain.

Digital Communication Campaign

  • Website:
    - Updated content and features
    - New banner
    - Video
  •  Digital Advertising:
    - Display:  Banner advertisements in different websites
    - Search: Search engine ad placement
    - Social: Social media advertisements
  • Offline Communication Campaign:
    - Press Release
    - Editorial Articles
    - Sample packs for end customers
Application /End Use
Marketing campaign

Sustainable product

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Company
Fiber+, Green Capsule Top Lid, Compostable K-cup filter
Description »

Innovative filter media using only and exclusively biodegradable and compostable raw materials for the best infusion.

  • Oil based plastic free
  • Bio-based
  • Compostable

Green Capsule Top Lid
Compostable lidding filter for espresso preparation compatible with most of single serve coffee capsules in the market. Its structure allows a perfect coffee extraction thanks to a high pressure resistance and the oxygen barrier proprieties help to preserve coffee freshness in the capsule.

  • Oxygen barrier paper
  • Pressure resistance
  • Compostable

Compostable K-cup filter
Unique compostable, formable filter compatible with the K-cup system capable to hold high quantities of coffee for the best result in cup.

  • Compostable
  • Oil based plastic free
Application /End Use
RKW Company
RKW HyJet® for Crop Cover
Description »

RKW HyJet® is hydroentangled spunbond nonwovens used in many industrial applications. As a new application, RKW has launched RKW HyJet® targeting the agricultural sector by providing a durable crop cover for reliable yields. With its “loop” structure and endless filaments, RKW HyJet® provides a unique tear resistance, a superior strength, and optimizes air- and light transmission.
RKW HyJet® Crop Cover is up to 50% more tear resistant compared to conventional crop cover nonwoven helping to protect plants against wind and animals. RKW HyJet® comes without any reinforcement. Its elasticity makes it easy to lay out on the field, thus saving time and labor. Even during harsh winds, RKW HyJet® lays flat on the plant, minimizes wind-strokes and reduces heat congestion.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Reusable multiple time
  • 50% more tear resistant
  • Contribute to sustainable farming and resource saving
Application /End Use
Agricultural - crop cover
Beaulieu International Group Company
Beaulieu International Group
Rewind - Forward thinking carpet
Description »

Every year, more than 100 million square meters of event carpet is used. Traditional carpet contains considerable amounts of latex which means it cannot be recycled sustainably.
Rewind, however, is a 100% polypropylene product. The complete absence of latex allows for Rewind to be converted into a pure high-value mono recyclate, offering a greatly expanded range of future applications.
No latex means the production process is also very environmentally friendly: completely water-free, a reduction in gas consumption of at least 83% and a drastic reduction in CO2-emissions.
Rewind is the clearest proof yet that the concept of circular economy has gained a solid foothold in the world of event carpets, to the undeniable and long-lasting advantage of all involved.
Rewind was selected as the event carpet of choice for the decoration of the exhibition halls at Madrid's IFEMA Exposition Center for the United Nations’ COP25 Climate Change Conference (Dec 2 – 13, 2019).

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Circular approach
  • Pure high-value mono-recyclate
  • Latex-free and water-free production process
  • Drastic reduction of CO2-emissions
Application /End Use
Latex-free event carpet

Sustainable process or management practice

FaterSMART Company
FaterSMART used absorbent hygiene products (AHP) recycling technology
Description »

The FaterSMART’s recycling technology, is able to recycle the used absorbent hygiene products i.e. baby diapers, adult incontinent diapers and feminine pads, recovering 100% of raw materials i.e. plastic, cellulose and super absorbent polymer that can be used in new production process in a circular economy environment. From 1 ton of used AHP, are recovered 150kg of cellulose, 75kg of plastics and 75kg of super absorbent polymer. All the rest is human organic materials.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Unique to the world technology and process (covered by more than 130 patents)
  • 100% raw materials are recovered from used AHP.
  • Carbon negative process i.e. the process produces less CO2 emissions than the quantity it removes from the environment. Every time the plant operates is equal to planting trees.
  • The technology and the process are replicable all over the world.
  • The business model is economically self sustainable and does not need economic incentives to operate. 
Application /End Use
The plastic, cellulose and super absorbent polymer recovered by recycling the used AHP, can be used in new production processes to manufacture new objects od daily usage.
Diaper Recycling Company
Diaper Recycling Technology
Pureflow8 – In flight material separator
Description »

The latest advance technology “PUREFLOW IN - FLIGHT MATERIAL SEPARATOR (G8)” is based on 4 years of intense R&D focus by DRT and encompasses all previous R&D learnings from G1 through to G7. G8 will be the final roll-out platform for DRT and stands as great tribute to the DRT teams who have worked tremendously hard to complete this tremendous milestone.
The G8 design guarantees an increase of performance, material purity and work efficiency and enables customers to recover up to 87% of their raw material financial investment. MOQ-1 processing technology means each diaper is recycled individually ensuring plastic purity remains continuously high (no pulp) enabling re-pelletizing. In combination with ExxonMobil Vistamaxx, reclaim pellets have a high sales value and open-up new circular economies with the raw-material suppliers.
G8 power consumption remains below 20KW @ 400 KG/hour whilst machine height has been reduced from 9 meters down to just 6 meters.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • Multi-stage scanning actively scans separated pulp fibers achieving a high level of purity. External contaminants such as ear -plugs are also automatically removed with automatic warnings via Industry 4.0.
  • Active SAP regeneration recovers re-claim SAP and converts SAP properties back to virgin SAP ensuring flow metering rates are identical with virgin
  • Gravimetric pulp re-feed ensures reclaim pulp can be dosed back to the production convertor on an accurate grammage basis
Application /End Use

Recycling of rejected QC products back into their original raw material formats (SAP, pulp and plastic) allow re-use back into the production process negating the need for land-fill.

TiHive Technologies Company
TiHive Technologies
Description »

Our inspection system TULIPZ sees through materials at high speeds. It is built with cutting edge Terahertz imaging technology that measures geometric and physical parameters such as thickness, grammage & humidity.
Our breakthrough vision technology is miniature and scalable. It fits in the most difficult production zones. Our cameras are safe for operators (as opposed to X-Rays), and require no protection gear.
TULIPZ embeds the most advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, bringing superior data analysis capacity compared to all of our competitors.
TULIPZ systems are highly scalable and are designed for full flexibility and simplicity. They augment your production lines with distributed intelligent eyes that feed back essential information for process optimisation.

Main innovation / Characteristics

  • 100% inspection for any machine width
  • In-line quality control at any production step
  • Safe for operators (no X-rays)
  • Fully modular and scalable system
Application /End Use
Grammage optimization and quality control for nonwovens

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